Action for Change with Training!

Introducing the A. C. T. Program . . .
Action for Change with Training!

Are you frustrated because you are still starting and quitting weight-loss programs?

Are you overwhelmed by trying to juggle work and the rest of your life, looking for the right balance?

Do you find it difficult to eat on the run . . . to stay motivated . . . to live in healthy ways with diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), and/or high blood cholesterol levels?

I am here to help you throw away salty foods and replace them with herbs and spices.

I am here to help you monitor your blood sugar levels without fear of losing yourself.

I am here to help you lose the weight and the emotional baggage.

I am here to help you understand that changing to a healthier lifestyle is about more than simply eating the right foods; it is an emotional and spiritual process to rid yourself of all that keeps you from winning life's battles.

For six weeks each individual will receive their own 30 minute-session with me . We will have two teleconferences for the whole group by phone for one hour to help encourage and motivate each other to WIN our battles.

I will help you with meal planning, grocery shopping, and I will design a customize exercise program as well as implement action steps to help you achieve your goals

Take action to get your life back on track with the training for change I will provide.

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