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Seeking God Through Brokeness

Seeking God Through Brokeness

Cherylrese Barconia is a creative, loving writer who embraces the characters of her newly released novel Broken Vessels (River Flow Publishing, 2012). This book captivates the essence of living life with the pain and mask of unforgiveness eating away and fermenting the heart while piercing the soul. Exposing the lives and experiences of eight ordinary women journeying separately but cohesively, Barconia entangles herself with each personality to seize the moments of brokenness, mending, healing and restoration.

Growing up in Saginaw, Michigan Cherylrese encountered many situations where she was able to observe women from all walks of life become women that mask and conceal pain, equating to unforgiveness. Directly after high school, entering into the military seemed to be the logical and most practical thing to do. Searching for a higher purpose and explanation for life and it’s meaning, Barconia stepped into the first

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