Seeking God by “What You Say”

Seeking God by “What You Say”
Presented by Michelle Roberts

Michelle A. Roberts, from Atlanta, GA. Is a fighter and a winner after being married for 17 years I finally came to myself and realized that my drug addicted husband would not change .See I was not raised with my father and always longed for that relationship so I stayed to LONG. I was so depressed I was now carrying 268pounds on 5 foot frame. I thought no-one would want a fat girl with 3 babies. Finally took charge of my life. I had life altering surgery gastric by-pass I loss over 110 pounds . Got a divorce , Went back to school and completed a BSM and MA now 2 classes away from starting My Dissertation for my Doctorate, Yes it was hard, yes I cried, Yes, I complained some times, But I booked at 3 children and a fight for dear life rose in me.

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