Stop Chasing Work-Life Balance : It Doesn’t Exist.

Finding Joy and Balance In Your Life-30-minute audio on : Stop Chasing Work-Life Balance : It Doesn’t Exist.
Presented by Iilesha " Coco" Graham.

Illesha Graham(affectionately known as Coco) is a gifted communicator, leadership coach, and educator. Like you, she has seen her fair share of unexpected trials and tribulation. Having withstood homelessness, abuse, andtramua as a teen before becoming one of the youngest school administrators in Sacramento Country, she knows firsthand what it means to beat the odds.

In 2010, Ilesha launched “CoCoSpeaks”, a ministry whose mission is to empower encourage and equip women through workshops, speaking, and coaching. Her greatest passion is to support other women in rising about the circumstances, challenges, and crossroads, that threaten to weight them down so that they can live with more purpose. passion, balance and joy! For more information, visit her at www. cocospeaks. net.

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