Pressure-Free Optimizing Mind and Body.

Finding Joy and Balance in Your life-30-minute audio-of -becoming Pressure-Free Optimizing Mind and Body. Presented by Elle Ingalls, MBA>

Elle Ingalls, MBA, is a stress management expert, innovator and trainer. Through group presentations and private coaching, she teaches people how to improve their health, relationships and performance by avoiding the fight-or flight stress response. Drawing on decades of research into optimal health and performance, coupled with experience as a professional violinist, executive, teacher, coach and parent, Ingalls has created a unique ”on-the-go” method focused on preventing the release of cortisol and other stress hormones. Her method enables adults and youth to quickly reduce stress and its negative side-affects without slowing down their lifestyle. The simplicity of her method, combined with her ability to inspire engagement, confidence and trust, has enabled people to make dramatic improvements after just a couple of hours of instruction.

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