Change Your Life With Weight Loss Transformation!©

Change Your Life With
Weight Loss Transformation!©
30 -minute audio illustrating how losing weight can change your life. Elizabeth lost over 100 pounds and now she teaches people simple techniques to lose and maintain their weightl

Elizabeth M. Madison has a passion for helping people achieve permanent weight loss and optimal health. Having struggled for over twenty years with obesity, Elizabeth used a faith-based approach to finally able to lose 115lbs, and has kept it off for over 11 years. This inspired her to become a Registered Dietitian and Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant. She used the same strategies that have contributed to her personal weight loss success, along with her twenty-year background in counseling, to create Weight Loss Transformation!©, a faith-based, weight loss program. Weight Loss Transformation!©provides individual nutrition coaching, and online and onsite group weight loss programs, using a supportive approach that addresses the physical, em

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